MightyFix – Yes Please!

I’ve had my eye on MightyNest’s monthly subscription program, MightFix, for a while. A few months ago I finally took the plunge and I’m so happy I did!

What Is It?

For less than $10/month, Mightyfix introduces your home to a new green product on a monthly basis. I have to say I truly look forward to the first week of each month so I can see how I will be happily nudged along toward a lower waste lifestyle.

So far I’ve received …

  1. Dryer Balls
    I love these so much!! I actually purchased a second set. Since I live in an apartment where I have the ability/need to use more than one dryer at once, I needed more than one set. They are as effective as dryer sheets at keeping static at bay – I will never buy another dryer sheet. You can use them plain (as I mainly do) or you can add a few drops of an essential oil to add a subtle scent to your laundry. I basically want to buy these for everyone in my life – that’s how amazing they are!
  2. LunchSkins
    These are almost as fantastic as the dryer balls. I don’t need to pack a lunch for anyone on a regular basis, so we use them to take snacks to the playground or zoo, but this would truly be transformative if you regularly used sandwich and snack baggies. I’ll be stocking up on a few more of these once the girls are all school-age. I don’t miss the convenience of tossing a dirty baggie away even though I don’t have a dishwasher, which is how they recommend cleaning them. I simply throw these through the washing machine (not the dryer) and they come out beautifully.
  3. Dish Cloths
    This has been a harder adoption for me as I am, admittedly, an liberal paper towel user. It is an area that I definitely want to work on cutting back. I think I need to experiment with more ways I can comfortably start using these to replace my beloved paper towels. I mainly use these to wipe up the water around my sink after doing dishes – which is not an insubstantial paper towel savings since I don’t have a dishwasher and do dishes multiple (too many) times a day. I’d love to hear suggestions and ways others use them in place of paper towels.
  4. Bee’s Wrap
    I just received this last week and have already used it several times. I love it so far! It is very easy to use and definitely clings to items without constantly clinging to itself and making me want to scream/throw the whole thing in the trash like my plastic wrap does. The Bee’s wrap does leave my hands a bit sticky after using it, but that is a fine trade-off to not having to use plastic wrap. Although, I will say, I’m also curious about this silicone alternative. Maybe I’ll add one to my next MightyFix shipment.

Why do I love it?

  • To adopt all these items at once would be a bit much in terms of expense and lifestyle change, but to do it over the course of a year … that is the way to go!
  • In all honesty, the $8ish/month pays for itself when you realize that the items you receive will replace things that needed to be purchased/replenished on a regular basis. When I think about the fact that I don’t have to buy dryer sheets anymore, snack or sandwich baggies, and less paper towels – that is absolutely saving me at least $8/month. A sustainable lifestyle is certainly more budget-friendly!
  • A portion of each purchase I make through MighytNest is donated to a school of my choice. I always love when my shopping can do some good!
  • Additional purchases can be added to your monthly shipment for no extra shipping charge!
  • All items have been researched and tested. I certainly don’t have time or money to try 3 different dryer sheet or snack bag alternatives – I want someone else to do that for me and choose the best.

On a side note, I’m definitely keeping this in my back pocket as a gift idea. The 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month option allows for gifts at varying price points.

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  1. Kay billhimer says:

    I love the dryer balls I gave some to Helen a few years ago and this Christmas she got me some

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