Seedlings – A Spring Tradition

One of my favorite seasonal rhythms is to plant a few seeds each spring. I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow my fascination with how such a tiny, seemingly dead and dried up object can contain such life. Seeing the tiny seedling burst into the world is always exciting! Most years I plant herbs, but this year, thanks to seeds we received at our first Tinkergarten session, my Little One and I have planted zinnia seeds.

Some years I purchased special trays to set on a windowsill. However, recently I’ve taken to simply laying dirt in a clear pyrex dish and covering it with cling wrap to help the soil remain moist. I absolutely love using a clear container – being able to see the dirt is fantastic! Instead of the unsightly growing boxes I previously used (and was always happy to see leave my windowsills), this year I will be sad to see the clear dish of dirt and seedlings no longer be a fixture on the windowsill.


Our lovely librarians created a wonderful display of Spring books that I serendipitously spied while waiting for the elevator (librarians truly are the best) and two books caught my eye!

A Seed is Sleepy is filled with gorgeous illustrations reminiscent of vintage botanical sketches and Aston’s writing absolutely captures the true magic that is contained within a little seed. (Her other books look equally interesting!)
The second book, Flowers Are Callingwas another perfect fit for our flower growing project. With a fun rhyme, Gray explores the connection between pollinators and flowers. She sprinkles in informational pages identifying various flowers and why specific pollinators work best with them which wonderfully complemented our enjoyment in identifying the early spring flowers that are popping up all around us – hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, pansies. (I love that my Little One is learning to identify some of the common ones!)


With Spring in full gear and Earth Day this weekend, I’d encourage you to plant some seeds, visit a local botanical garden, take a walk in the park and enjoy all the buds and flowers that are beginning to color the landscape, or visit your farmers market to sample the produce of the season. However you choose, make sure to celebrate this time of year!