the little things – beautiful coasters

A number of years ago my dear baby brother and his wife got me coasters for Christmas from serrv. I had added coasters to my ‘wish list’, as one does, for the utilitarian aspect – I had new furniture, and I didn’t want it ruined by my water glasses (or anyone else’s, for that matter). As it turns out, my brother and his wife selected the beautiful little coaster set pictured here, and to my delight they became an integral part of my decor – living as one of the few permanent objects on my coffee table until I had a crawling baby (at which point both said coffee table and beloved coaster set were moved to the side away from grabbing fingers). They’ve since migrated a bit, from various bookshelves to the dining table and back again to a little end table in our living room. But, I always place them on a surface where they are not crowded out by other items, and where the details and colors on them that I love so much can truly stand out for others to see and appreciate as much as I do. They still save my furniture, but more importantly they bring a splash of beauty (and love, having been a gift from family) to our home.