Slow Cooker – Coconut Curry Beef Stew

The slow cooker/crockpot is simply one of the best kitchen inventions ever. How magical is it to put a few ingredients in a “bowl” and have them be ready to eat 6-8 hours later!? I tend to use it mainly during the cold winter months since my recipe repertoire for this beloved kitchen appliance is mainly limited to hearty stews, thick soups, rich roasts, or gooey mac and cheese.

We’ve been having an unseasonably cold spring in the northeast, so a slow cooker meal felt appropriate. But, after several months of richer, heavier meals from my trusty crockpot, I wanted something that felt a bit lighter. This coconut curry beef from Manila Spoon was the perfect fit for a “very cold, but I wish it were warmer”, spring day! The flavors were robust and yet light and my girls couldn’t shovel it into their mouths fast enough! I did make a few changes, mainly because I didn’t have the ingredients listed … I used soy sauce instead of fish sauce and garam masala instead of curry powder. I’m already looking forward to the next time I make it!

I really should try to find some more tasty warmer weather crockpot recipes (note to self!) Do you have any favorite slow cooker recipes?