An Ode to the Staycation

Two weeks ago I took a staycation and it was absolutely lovely. I did the same last year, right around spring break for schools (the third week of March, leading up to my daughter’s birthday). And, while it can give me a bit of pause to take precious vacation time to simply stay home (rather than planning (and going on!) a fab vacation), this year I decided the days of hesitation about the staycation are over; I’m a complete convert to the staycation, and intend to make it an annual tradition.

The rest it brings can be just as deep and just as necessary as that of a week away. There’s something so sweet about being home during the daytime hours – in your own space – with the sun streaming through the windows at 10:30 on a Tuesday morning as you are simply lazing about with a cup of coffee and reading picture books with your toddler. An afternoon walk in the park with far, far fewer people than on a Saturday. Preparing dinner relaxedly at a decent hour, and following dinner with more relaxation! Ah!

I will say, however, that it wasn’t a total dreamworld of pajamas and couches all week. We did take one outing, and I did make sure to get quite a bit done (the first half of the week, work for my job (unfortunately)), and the latter half of the week, a major purge and spring cleaning. (Spring cleaning!! Who even does that anymore? I felt so accomplished!). And, that, too, is part of the beauty of the staycation – coming back from it just feeling a bit closer to being caught up on life; with the closets that have been waiting for attention for months finally organized and primped once again; the toys sorted; the paperwork mainly handled.

Beyond the rest and the productivity, though, is also just the opportunity it provides me to spend time with my daughter in her element during the week. It’s so lovely to have time with her like this – time that is not on vacations away or weekends, which are full of all things relaxing and special. I took her to the library program that she regularly attends, I saw her get a bit bored at home in the late afternoon, I was simply with her – all the time. And, that in and of itself is reason enough for the staycation. No fancy vacation to distract me from what my vacation time is really for, after all, during this stage of my life as a young mother.


Do you take staycations? If so, are they the spring-cleaning kind? Or, perhaps a cozy Christmas to New Years week full of books and family and games? We’d love to hear! xoxo